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Hey all, I hope you’re ready for some CFNM scenarios that are far from the “vanilla” stuff many of you are used to. First & second up are two rough tease & denial, CFNM handjobs from Hand Domination where the guys are “under restraint”. Clip one features a teen with braces jacking off a big […]

Since I get quite a few requests and decent ratings on previous posts like this post, this post, this post, & this post; I decided to plop this doozy of a post on the blog. So I’ve put together five sets of two kinky themed CFNM scenes from five sites that cater to this type […]

I’ve done quite a few of these fantasy “family fun” themed CFNM posts over the years, usually to a fairly decent reception. To see some of these just check here, here, here, here, here, & here – that’s just for starters, too. So for this installment of family fantasy CFNM scenes, I’ve brought out four […]

There aren’t many fantasy CFNM scenarios out there that get my juices really flowing like the ones that involve mature aged women. This goes especially when the woman is not only convincing with her role in the CFNM situation, but isn’t just putting on a show. That’s why I’m a huge fan of Mistress T, […]

Ever since I did a post of domineering Cfnm handjobs here, I’ve been getting into this genre much more. Perhaps it’s because it’s more edgy than what has always been my favorite genres of Cfnm (stripper shows, Japanese, and unstaged amateur stuff), or perhaps it’s darker nature is the thing. Whatever it is, the aspect […]

There’s plenty of Cfnm scenarios that are considered kinky, but none get as edgy on the kink factor as when the scenario has a incestuous nature. Yep, I’ve put together seven Cfnm clips which all have, in a fantasy context, a “keep it in the family” vibe. This post is much like another popular one […]

Well Cfnm cats and kittens, you’ve got yourself a motherlode of great Cfnm handjob video footage to watch below. As you maybe have experienced, watching most Cfnm handjob videos can become quite boring, as the women tend to get bored. But I think this mix of amateur couple Cfnm handjobs and from a few Cfnm […]

As I promised in my last post, updates are going to hopefully remain a little more steady, beginning with this post of eight amateur Cfnm scenes. I’ve made it clear in past posts of amateur Cfnm that many a amateur couple are producing their own videos just for fun. It’s also true that there’s plenty […]

This is yet another installment of the kinkiest genre of Cfnm that I ever post, having four before this one here, here, here, & here. Cfnm scenarios that include family members is strictly fantasy of course in all these posts, but it’s got a rabid fan base. So much that there’s plenty of places one […]

Shortly after I posted a Mistress T mother-son fantasy Cfnm scene here, I got into contact with Mistress T herself. Why? Because her approach to Cfnm scenes are not only of incredibly high quality, multi-faceted, unique and complex, they are HOT! Mistress T uses her experience from being a professional Mistress to all the scenarios […]