Package Check Archive

Since it’s Easter (or what I like to refer to it as “zombie Jesus day”), I thought it befitting for the blog to really put out a mega post in celebration. So I’ve compiled a cool collection of amateurs engaging in casual traditional Cfnm in public. It’s great to see that real everyday people can […]

Today’s post is for true CFNM fans, as I’m showcasing another glimpse of Cfnm experiences captured by Bernard Z. Grate! (See previous posts here, here, and here.) Bernard Z. (aka BERNIE) has done professional CFNM shoots for CFNM USA and is well known for his zany vision come true on the Package Check site. Bernard […]

I’ve been wanting to do another male exhibitionism CFNM post for awhile, much like these same themed posts I did here, here, here, and especially here. It’s a genre of CFNM that you rarely get a personal touch with as it frigging nuts for ANYONE to actually do, but today I’m sharing three individual’s contributions. […]

In the same spirit of my 2008 World Naked Bike Ride post I made last month, here’s the first part of All Things Cfnm‘s presentation of San Francisco’s Bay To Breakers run event. Bay To Breakers is an almost 100 year-old annual event where anywhere between 70,000 to 1000,000-plus people converge in San Francisco and […]

I’m honored & excited to present to you a new addition to the amateur-produced Cfnm site community, appropriately titled Package Check. Package Check was all envisioned, carried out, & recorded by veteran Cfnm’er Bernard Z. Grate. With the help of CFNM USA, Bernie’s Package Check site is a mix of My Dick Flash & Raw […]