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Dr Misha is doing a study on male arousal and has convinced four exposed male victims to be guinea pigs. In turn she calls in the nervous males|guys|men]] and conducts a load of studies on their cocks. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when first she plays with their cock and balls and […]

When a man goes into a tattoo parlor to arrange for some new ink on his groin region, he wasn’t ready for the lady tattoo artists to have such a keen interest in the ink work! They pulls his pants down so they can check out the region and take their time running their hands […]

Time really got away from me this week, as the Lady Voyeurs web site that I’d told you about in this post has officially been launched. I want to thank all of you CFNM enthusiasts out there that made suggestions & added feedback for the three types of CFNM scenes that comprise the Lady Voyeurs […]

Adele is boasting about how her other half can go four times every night in bed. Not wanting to be outshone, Mishka says that her other half’s orgasm is so powerful that he could plaster a target three meters away. Watch the sample clip here to see what takes place as Adele brands her untruthful. […]

I’ve been having a hell of a time with my PC this week, so hopefully you CFNM freaks can forgive such a late posting. Anyhow, bridging off the “girls watching guys” updates here & here, is this update of male exhibitionism in one-on-one & group CFNM situations. I’ve done similar posts like this here, here, […]

It’s Lucy’s birthday but she is concerned about her celebrations because a guy she fancies is going to be there and she is uncertain how to please boys. Watch the trailer here to view what occurs as her rich Aunty chimes her bell and calls in man servant Charles. To Lucy’s shock and amazement, her […]

Pippa is famous for her lavish auctions during which fit men are auctioned by rich ladies. Today, seven high-flying party girls have arrived to take a look at her latest offering. Watch the trailer here to watch what occurs when Pippa brings Justin in the females appear pleased but soon desire to see him in […]

When Jon argues with his girlfriend she throws him out of her bedroom completely naked. As he is attempting to talk his way back in, college teacher Wendy and two students find him and she is extremely unhappy. She gets him up against the wall as her students snigger at his lack of clothes and […]

Axa is giving a report before a panel of three female managers when she gets twice disturbed by Jamie. This throws her and she produces a dreadful presentation. As soon as they take a break she is furious and plans to get her revenge on him and hides under the podium. Watch the trailer here […]

Red has three fresh inmates in her sex addiction program. Louise and Rio are diagnosed easy lays and Christian is a prolific masturbator. But, when she asks them to confess their passions, the babes take a liking to Christian. Before Red realizes what is occurring they are taking his clothes off, defying her shouts of […]