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Marc is enjoying a few beers at his local Boobies club when he fondles barmaid Tory’s boobs. A couple of minutes later he feels Samantha’s backside and the barmaids agree to gang up and see how he likes it – merely because they are wearing skimpy outfits doesn’t allow him to grope them! Watch the […]

Ricky is settling down to watch England in the World Cup when his other half and her three friends come in wishing to watch the TV. When he denies them they come up with a plan to ruin his fun. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs as they go into the next room […]

Head teacher Pandora has been told that two of her female students have been degrading some of the male tutors. She isn’t angry that the pupils made the boys undress for them, but she must teach them a lesson never to humiliate the phallus. Take a look at the trailer here to watch what takes […]

Six girls, annoyed about being sent cum tribute photos on Twitter, choose to track down some of the weirdos who sent them. Take a look at the trailer here to view what takes place when they beckon them round to tribute them live while they stare at the whole thing. One by one the men […]

It’s Dion’s 21st birthday and her Daddy treats her like such a princess that he has provided her with a load of cash to use on a big party. Take a look at the trailer here to view what occurs as instead she beckons her friends over and books a male stripper. When a complete […]

New men’s swim team member Mark has been told to report to the female locked room for his welcome meeting. He is confused to discover swim coach Miss Joy there with three females and is even more surprised as soon as they tell him he is to swim laps of the pool in the nude! […]

Axel is catching some rays in the nude by the edge of a private lake when three girls come across him. Take a look at the trailer here to watch what takes place as they slowly creep up and confiscate his clothes. Soon afterwards they walk out and ask him what he’s doing. The defenseless […]

Dr Misha is doing a study on male arousal and has convinced four exposed male victims to be guinea pigs. In turn she calls in the nervous males|guys|men]] and conducts a load of studies on their cocks. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when first she plays with their cock and balls and […]

When a man goes into a tattoo parlor to arrange for some new ink on his groin region, he wasn’t ready for the lady tattoo artists to have such a keen interest in the ink work! They pulls his pants down so they can check out the region and take their time running their hands […]

Time really got away from me this week, as the Lady Voyeurs web site that I’d told you about in this post has officially been launched. I want to thank all of you CFNM enthusiasts out there that made suggestions & added feedback for the three types of CFNM scenes that comprise the Lady Voyeurs […]