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I’ve just recently gotten caught up with the goings-on on the CFNM TV site, the last video-series being “CFNM Hotel” and “Day Of The Fight” that I showcased in this last post. It’s great to see CFNM TV updating strongly, especially with the recent shutdowns of both Harsh Handjobs & Spunk Party. Although I think […]

Vintage porn is a virtual cornucopia of truly interestingly unique, kitschy, funny, and downright hot CFNM scenes. Like I’ve previously posted here, here, & here, CFNM from the porn made back in the 70s & 80s is unlike much that is made today. So I’m presenting first two hot (and entertaining) CFNM blowjob scenes from […]

I totally find bad B-movie, blacksploitation, sexploitation, and overall vintage porn cinema endlessly entertaining. I’m hoping you agree as this post focuses on what I love about the stuff when there’s a CFNM scene – it’s usually weird, funny, imaginative, and overall beats almost anything people try making today. Previous posts like here, here, and […]

Vintage porn movies from the seventies through the nineties are oftentimes complete gold mines for excellent CFNM scenes and scenarios. I’ve posted plenty of examples of this, as you can check out by simply clicking here, but today is a special presentation of vintage CFNM from some classic porn movies. First up are two of […]

Since I referred to the CFNM genre of “cock shock” in a previous post here, I thought it befitting to do one in the the traditional sense. It’s similar to that previous post, as the focus is on girls’ reactions to seeing a seriously huge cock. However, these girls are with black men – completely […]

After a short hiatus due to a hard drive rescue issue, All Things CFNM is back with another set of CFNM movies you’ll most likely only find here. Much like the previous post, the CFNM scenes below are ripped from the world of mainstream porn, but focusing on two legends: Rocco Siffredi & Randy Spears. […]

I completely love retro, vintage, or classic porn movies – especially the kitchy and horribly acted ones. I also have a love of discovering the many gems of CFNM in them through sources like Hot Movies Vintage Porn & Retro Raw, and/or other sources around the Internet. I’ve posted a few discoveries under the tag […]

Before I jump into discussing the bounty of CFNM handjobs and retro CFNM blowjobs below, I need to address the recent virus and malware reports. People that get alerts from their anti-virus software while trying to view videos on the hosting sites I use for the blog need to relax – these alerts are being […]

Mainstream porn, and even including CFNM scenario driven porn itself, has evolved over a longer time span than you might think. What’s surprising is how far back in time we can go in porn movie productions to see that there were directors willing to explore CFNM situations. So I’m presenting ten such scenes in this […]

Although there’s fewer videos than in the last mega post of this type I did here on All Things Cfnm here, they are by far longer. I should also mention that yes, a few of these are reposts that were requested by Daniel Valverde, as the videos had been hosted on the now defunct Your […]