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The title of this post says it all, folks, there’s some freaking hot CFNM scenes in this update. The actual experience of being stripped naked, examined, and have your dick measured can be funny and erotic as well as being prideful or humbling, depending upon the variables. But I think I did a decent job […]

In creating the post of Cfnm handjobs and blowjobs below this one, I thought about all the Cfnm sites that don’t get much attention anymore. That very thought led me to this one – a post consisting of Cfnm scenes from places that don’t get updated and/or just don’t get any attention anymore. The content […]

As you may or may not know, the Guys Gone Wild video series is the much less popular offshoot of the incredibly successful (and utterly fucking boring) Girls Gone Wild franchise. The concepts behind the filming of their footage are similar, just gender-role reversed. So instead of creepy disembodied males urging drunk girls to show […]

The S.G.F.G.E. site does something that many other Cfnm sites don’t, which is showcasing women fully appreciating the men they’re with. They honestly WANT the guy & somehow the S.G.F.G.E. site captures that brilliantly. I read a comment by someone in the Sensations4Women Cfnm forum that stated that the S.G.F.G.E. site was “..true Cfnm…” & […]

The S.G.4.G.E. site is finally getting some attention as a great resource for unique Cfnm footage. I’ve read in a couple forums that S.G.4.G.E. is REALLY appreciated by more than a few people – guys & girls alike, which to me shows that the S.G.4.G.E. site really caters to all people into Cfnm. The S.G.4.G.E. […]

Since there’s been a big push by the CFNM bloggers to present freebies from Work My Cock & Forced Men (whom also run Oceans East, LL&L V.O.D., & Big Apple Handjobs), I decided to discuss the S.G.F.G.E. site today to shake up the monotony. Since the S.G.F.G.E. site is aimed at straight men & women […]

4 S.G.F.G.E. Vids & Pics

I first want to say that I’m blown away by the amount of support, kind words, and concern that you all have had for me in light of my needing hospitalization. You all have been awesome and I appreciate it more than you know. Honestly, thank you all! Now, here’s a nice mix of short […]

I’ve noticed that there’s been ALOT of interest raised about the S.G.F.G.E. CFNM Site lately, especially in the Sensations 4 Women forum. What once used to be a scary site for CFNM fans is finally getting the attention it deserves, as there’s some great stuff there for any CFNM’er. Just take a look at these […]

S.G.4.G.E. Pics and Vids

I’m a bit put off by all the negative talk surrounding some of the newer CFNM sites that are trying to attract both a straight AND a gay male audience who are into CFNM. I’m talking about Candi Apple’s Big Dick Search and the S.G.4.G.E. specifically. I am comfortable in my heterosexuality, which you need […]