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We’ve had a slight resurgence of new sites recently, and this newest one uniquely titled “Spunk Party” is poised to be a favorite for many of you out there. Now it has some similarities to

You may remember from when I made the announcement that the OrgyMaxx Cfnm network had changed to the Tainster Network in a blog post here. Well, Tainster has undergone a much needed change now that it’s been acquired by the PayServe Network. Why is this important news to Cfnm fans? Because this improvement in service […]

As in the case of this post and this post, I try to keep all you Cfnm aficionados apprised of new Cfnm sites and other developments that concern Cfnm fans. Well, the Orgymaxx network (which most notably produces Party Hardcore) has just launched it’s brand new face. It’s now called Tainster for some odd reason, […]