The CFNM Site Archive

The CFNM Site is the newest CFNM fantasy site out there & it’s amazing how quickly they’ve put together so many high quality CFNM scenes. The following are 3 of the ones I feel represent the variety they’re presenting. In the “Girls Get Their Boyfriends To Strip For Their Shy Girlfriend” scenario, 2 girls break […]

“I can’t believe it! The big two – one!” Dee exclaimed as we sipped on our white wine. My two girlfriends Dee and Bria were over at my house celebrating my 21st birthday with me. Dee told me to be expecting a very nice surprise, so I was eager to find out just what it […]


Well, as you may already may (or may not) know, there’s been a new CFNM site in the works for awhile, but since the owners were trying to keep it’s development as a surprise, not many knew about it beforehand. But I’m glad to report that the simply titled “The CFNM Site” has got some […]