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Below lies the long-delayed picture gallery update of CFNM I promised in The CFNM Village. I first am presenting two picture sets from sister sites CFNM TV and Adventures In CFNM – both of which follow a CFNM fantasy story-line. As I’ve pointed out in previous posts like here, here, & here, CFNM TV presents […]

Well CFNM enthusiasts, here’s yet another megaposting of real amateur CFNM footage. I know that these webcam CFNM are like the recent post here, but as people love this webcam stuff so much, it was due time on the blog. So first up are two videos made by the same well-hung male exhibitionist. Clip one […]

Happy Thanksgiving CFNM enthusiasts! I hope that this update provides you enough eye candy to check out after stuffing your face with fantastic food. As you may or may not know, the picture-only content of Adventures In CFNM (AKA has a video-only counterpart fittingly titled Now CFNM TV has some great story-lined fantasy […]

One major aspect of CFNM that I really enjoy is the role that voyeurism plays, as it’s the visual stimulation of the woman in the situation that can make or break a great CFNM encounter. A great way to experience this is through webcams, as there’s thousands of single women and couples out there looking […]

I guess that Pure CFNM doesn’t want Monsters Of Cock to be the most well reknowned site to incorporate the “cock shock” element to Cfnm scenarios. How does one come to this conclusion? These three Pure CFNM scenes “Showing Off The Chauffeur”, “Big Cock Shower”, and “Wolf Whistle” should be proof enough for any Cfnm […]

It’s March Madness time and I’m stoked, as well as highly distracted by watching all the great action. But it’s made my attempts to update the blog with this “cock shock” post late. For that, I do apologize. So here’s 4 great scenes of the “cock shock” variety, where the girls have their way with […]

Today’s post of “Cock Shock” Cfnm, aptly named by the brilliant Cfnm’er Lazarus, comes from two sources: Monsters Of Cock and the prolific porn star Shane Diesel. “Cock Shock” Cfnm incorporates the astonished reaction of a clothed female to seeing and having the opportunity to handle a naked guy’s much larger than average cock. There’s […]

Here we go again with videos of the fun subgenre of the hardcore Cfnm fetish: “cock shock”. As you can surmise from any of the previous “cock shock” posts here at All Things CFNM, these Cfnm scenarios are hot to Cfnm fans because of the girls’ reaction to seeing a truly huge dick, even if […]

It really seems like people are going Brazzers crazy these days, especially over ‘Teens Like It Big’, part of the Brazzers Pass Network. There’s A LOT of really good ‘cock shock’-themed Cfnm videos & picture sets where super hot girls get the chance to see & interact with truly big dicks in well-scripted scenarios. You […]

Yup, another supply of what Cfnm’er Lazarus dubbed ‘cock shock’ Cfnm – clothed girls reacting to the sight of a truly big dick. This 1st one’s got 3 separate girls confronting 3 separate big dicks!: Cfnm Video: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Vid On P.H.: Part 1 | Part 2 | […]