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One major aspect of CFNM that I really enjoy is the role that voyeurism plays, as it’s the visual stimulation of the woman in the situation that can make or break a great CFNM encounter. A great way to experience this is through webcams, as there’s thousands of single women and couples out there looking […]

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post of this kind of CFNM from amateur webcams, and they are always a hit. Now like this this previous post of webcam CFNM, there’s a bit of a twist to the webcam CFNM footage: the girls watching the guys jerking off for them end up getting so […]

The CFNM webcam video selections for today are kind of the “cock shock” variety. The first two were created by a huge dick wielding guy, getting off on the reactions of girls to his monster cock much like “Supernatural” did in the post featuring his CFNM sessions here – right before he disappeared from the […]

There really aren’t many CFNM situations that get much more raw than when there’s one clothed girl watching one naked guy jacking off for her amusement. And nowadays it’s quite literally just a click away when open minded, CFNM aficionados in the making, get on services such as Chat Roulette and Stickam. There’s now new […]

Since the blog posts from the exhibitionism Cfnm genre seem to get so much love, I have put together another for you all. Again, I’m trying to follow some themes with the post. First up are two scenes where a single naked guy is set up to get hard in front of girls, whom not […]

One of the most erotic and popular genres of Cfnm scenarios is that of women casually observing men that are completely naked in a voyeuristic setting. And there’s usually many ways this can happen, depending on the circumstances of course, as with any Cfnm scenario. But one of the best places for casual, candid, and […]

One thing I love about the Internet is that once I think I’ve seen it all, some crazy footage like the stuff below pops up. Sure, amateur exhibitionism video footage is out there, but it’s just full of individual character that gets a Cfnm aficionado incredibly interested. I know that the exhibitionist Cfnm captured via […]

Well Cfnm aficionados, the wait for a Cfnm-only themed site dedicated solely to the act of a clothed female watching a naked male jerking off only is over. Kay, one half the brains behind My Dick Flash and the creator and videographer of Kay’s Planet has struck out a new site catering to this type […]

I think I’m not alone in saying that there’s just a special something about amateur Cfnm that no fantasy site can replicate. Amateurs engaging in Cfnm interactions just for their own pleasure is pretty hot, but when they do it over a webcam for the pleasure of others, it’s even more hot to watch. So […]

It’s quite amazing how much amateur Cfnm, there is out there nowadays, as evidenced in posts here, here, and here Thanks to an ever decreasing level of boundary setting and the advances in easy to use technology, mateurs can (and do) capture many a Cfnm situation on video and share it with the world. I’ve […]