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Although I recently did a similar hygiene oriented post of CFNM scenarios here, and even more recently here, I decided to do another. This one is a bit different, much as it’s a mega post, but because it is completely focused upon CFNM interaction while showering. First up are two more hidden camera assisted shower […]

For those of you living under a rock the last 30 years, a glory hole is basically a hole that’s big enough to stick a cock through. And depending where you live, they can be found in practically every porn store video booth in your area. It’s all for anonymous cock sucking purposes, and when […]

Yep, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I do apologize. However, with my long overdue return I bring you a boatload of mostly amateur stripper Cfnm! The first video is a repost of a full DVD’s worth of amateur Cfnm action documented by a certain Hispanic strip troupe. It’s a repost of the original […]

Happy New Year, Cfnm blog readers! I am amazed at how much the audience of the blog have become part of it over this last year, helping it grow into something much greater than just a place to look at Cfnm themed porn. Points of view are expressed, anger and joy is shared, and everybody […]

It seems that I’ve been enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday a little much, as it’s been awhile since I’ve updated – by All Things Cfnm standards anyhow. I do hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it, as well as the past posts here on the blog. So, to remedy the lack of updates, […]

As it seems as though the Cfnm community is either bored with Cfnm handjob scenarios or perhaps there’s now too many available. I say this because my posts of this genre of Cfnm get less and less attention these days. Perhaps some traditional Cfnm from mainstream television will pique your interest a bit more. First […]

The impetus for this post began in response to a request for audio Cfnm on the Sensations 4 Women forum, made in this thread. So I searched my archives and lo and behold, found a nice set of them! These audio Cfnm files aren’t all “stories” (except for files 7, 8, and 9 which is […]

I’m hoping that there’s not going to be a big uproar over today’s post of traditional Cfnm videos and pictures. The reason I say this is because of they all come from various Playgirl productions spanning over the last 10 years. The straight-up, traditional Cfnm scenarios range from a bachelorette party (video 3), to girls […]

I had a bit of a mental block on what to post for today, but stumbled onto this movie “Lolita Connection” from legendary director Marc Dorcel. There’s a bunch of his movies on the AEBN network, and alot of ’em have fantastic Cfnm themes like these clips below. I decided to add 5 Japanese Cfnm […]

Retro or classic porn movies from the late 60s’ through to the mid 80s’ are fantastic sources for hot hardcore Cfnm scenarios. Today I’m featuring a great example of this Cfnm phenomena from the 1982 classic “The Playgirl” starring Veronica Hart. Although the 2nd Cfnm scene below is already a fairly well-known classic, there are […]