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New men’s swim team member Mark has been told to report to the female locked room for his welcome meeting. He is confused to discover swim coach Miss Joy there with three females and is even more surprised as soon as they tell him he is to swim laps of the pool in the nude! […]

I wanted to make this post on Mother’s Day purpusefully because of the subject matter. Also to remind you all, like Mr. T says, you should treat your Mother right!! Now with that public service announcement taken care of, let’s get to the CFNM videos of guys getting stripped by, or in front of, multiple […]

I first want to say is despite rumour to the contrary, I AM planning on continuing All Things CFNM. My recent behaviour of infrequent posting is partially due to burnout, needing a break, & working on the relaunch of this site. With that said, I’m going to be updating you all on some goings-on in […]

Hey blog readers, I hope you’re all having a great weekend. As I’ve pointed out in prior CFNM blog posts here, here, here, & here, the pictures-only site Adventures In CFNM (AKA has a videos-only counterpart – As many folks prefer videos over pictures, I’ve put together a picset of CFNM penis examination […]

As it stands, I should really do more posts of videos featuring girls stripping guys because there’s always requests. In this batch, I’m putting the focus on female strippers that strip themselves and amateur guys there for the act. But these girls don’t stop there (much like in previous posts here, here, & here), they […]

This post is dedicated to a female friend of mine that pointed out the following: (some) girls love watching a female stripper completely tease, strip and demean a guy. As she herself was a “dancer” (subtle code for a female stripper), she has seen and done this type of thing A LOT. I’ve been to […]

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve blogged about the CFNM fantasy site Pure CFNM. Why, you may ask. Well, I fell out of favor of the direction member input was taking it – scenes with the girls showing skin, outright sex happening in multiple updates, and a general stray from what CFNM is all about. […]

The whole CFNM sub genre of female strippers stripping men in their “dancing” routine is a fun one. As evidenced in posts here & here, it’s a pretty awesome scenario even if it’s only slightly CFNM in nature. I mean, these strippers are very comfortable with their nudity, whereas the guy they are there to […]

Some women have a playfully evil good time of yanking down or “depantsing” guys when given the prime opportunity. This then obviously is always a potential for a great CFNM scenario, especially when the woman doing the depantsing is also a stripper! Not only is she doing it for her amusement, but for all the […]

CFNM College doesn’t just focus on scenarios of guys being naked in front of their female classmates, it thoroughly explores them. It’s pretty amazing how creative the site weaves a story, using pictures and videos to help the fantasy come alive. Guys are stripped, inspected, jerked off, used for entertainment, measured, probed, and even humiliated, […]