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The amateur Cfnm scene is something that’s currently struggling, as Hot Sapien was offline awhile and Kucho’s Male Exhibitionism site is gone. Thankfully there’s Raw CFNM & My Dick Flash Cfnm that are still alive & kicking! My Dick Flash is all filmed and edited by a guy and female friend team whom capture CFNM […]

I’m honored & excited to present to you a new addition to the amateur-produced Cfnm site community, appropriately titled Package Check. Package Check was all envisioned, carried out, & recorded by veteran Cfnm’er Bernard Z. Grate. With the help of CFNM USA, Bernie’s Package Check site is a mix of My Dick Flash & Raw […]

In my last post of Raw CFNM’s great content, I provided HOT clips from the then brand-new Raw Cfnm’s site. Now that Raw Cfnm has been around awhile, you’ll notice that it’s broke away from it’s influences of Oceans East and Pure CFNM. The guy behind Raw Cfnm started this site as a true Cfnm […]

You probably haven’t heard much about the newest CFNM site called “Raw CFNM” but it delivers it’s title… raw CFNM content! Some CFNM fans downplay the more amateur-produced CFNM paysites like Raw CFNM opting for flashy sites without much heart. But I appreciate sites like Raw CFNM because it’s all done by people who honestly […]

As one can plainly tell, I’ve got ALOT of links to various sources of CFNM from freesites to paysites and pretty much anything in between. That’s kinda why this blog is titled “All Things CFNM”- GET IT NOW? Anyhow, since there’s so many, I wanted to bring your attention to some NEW additions followed by […]