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As I’ve indicated in plenty of posts, yours truly is well overstocked when it comes to good examples of CFNM. That goes for pretty much all genres, in both video and picture format. Given that, when prepping this post of amateur webcam CFNM interactions between exhibitionist guys & couples, it was tough to choose exactly […]

It has been awhile since I attempted a post of random acts of real & amateur CFNM like in this post, so I’ve put together today’s megapost. Indeed, it’s rare to get really great examples of traditional clothed female / naked male situations where there’s not an overtly sexual connotation to it, yet where you […]

Well folks, it’s been bitterly freezing cold around here lately, which has me missing warm weather in the worst way. So, I decided a little beach CFNM would be the cure to my and you all’s winter blues for a bit. These videos are 100% real, nonstaged amateurly recorded CFNM efforts that have made their […]

When it comes to homemade CFNM footage, it doesn’t get much more homegrown and easier to do then via web cam. So now a days it’s pretty easy for amateur girls to get online and have some real CFNM experiences with guys looking to do the same. So inevitably what happens is guys jerk off […]

Certainly, it’s not very often that you can find very intimate scenarios of a clothed female watching the naked male jerk off, and have it be very casual, not hyper-sexual, or of the surprise flashing variety. That goes especially if they’re also in high quality video. But that’s the kind of CFNM scenes I’ve presented […]

Well folks, there’s a truck haul of amateur CFNM happening in this post – none of which is staged. All the scenarios are naturally occuring situations where the guys are naked and the girls are checking them out, even if they’re exposed, too. These twelve CFNM videos fit six themes (two of each): a traditional […]

As CFNM is typically presented as a pornographic kind of fetish on the Internet these days, it’s kind of tough to find stuff that ISN’T that type. You know what I mean, CFNM with handjobs, blowjobs, & even sex occurring in the videos. So I’m presenting these somewhat edgy male exhibitionist CFNM scenes as a […]

I know I’ve just covered the amateur CFNM webcam genre yesterday, but this is an intended follow up post. You see, two practicing CFNM exhibitionists Bernard Z. Grate and The Penis Comedian both submitted CFNM material for the site at the same time. Even more coincidental is that they are essentially doing the same thing: […]

I did a similar amateur public CFNM themed post back in January, where all the action happened in or around cars here. It got quite the positive reception, so I’ve revisited the idea here today with one major difference: more video! First up are five handjob and blowjob CFNM action packed clips, starting with a […]

This truly is a mega post of public male exhibitionism all featuring video of the fearless San Francisco resident, known in those parts as “That Naked Guy”. This man is honestly a CFNM living legend Lloyd, as there’s literally hundreds of pictures and videos floating about the Internet all documenting his interactions with amateur women […]