Since your humble CFNM webmaster (me) has been horrifically overwhelmed with life recently, I’ve aimed to make up for things with this mainstream TV CFNM mega-post. Much like the Ten CFNM & NFNM Scene Compilations From Mainstream TV Dating Shows post I did awhile back, all of these clips come from “reality shows” on TV. […]

It’s far too rare to come across good CFNM life drawing scenes, especially ones that are completely amateur like in this post and this one. However, I’ve done some digging around my CFNM archives and the web for some fun clips that you all should enjoy. There’s some amazing reactions in these, especially in the […]

Performance artists have always utilized some level of nudity in projects, especially that of the male nude form. I’ve always had an interest in performance art, and thanks to free video art sharing sites like, I’ve discovered there’s plenty of CFNM in performances online that pique my interest. So I’ve gathered four videos of […]