Since the last post of CFNM handjob footage I posted was a bit on the kinky side, I wanted to post some that was a little more mainstream. That’s when I discovered that the amateur handjob producers behind Whacked Off, Handjob Helpers, & Shannon’s Handjobs were offering an amazing deal of a 1 month subscription […]

For many, CFNM is kinky enough just as it stands by itself. But given human nature and how wide our sexual predilections can be, other elements added to CFNM are what really gets others off. So in this post I’ve attempted to provide some examples of taboo and kinky CFNM scenarios which are at very […]

I hope everyone had as great of a Labor Day weekend as I did, because man, I really needed it! So, today’s batch of Cfnm comes from a genre that I’ve never posted here before, mostly because of it’s intimidating nature: “ball busting”. Yeah, it is what it sounds like. Now normally, I wouldn’t be […]

Remember how everybody went completely bat shit crazy over the Reality Kings Network‘s inclusion of Cfnm material? The excitement came from the fact that it was the first time a MAJOR production company took on Cfnm fantasy scenarios in a more mainstream fashion, calling it Cfnm Secret. Some Cfnm fans don’t approve of Cfnm Secret […]