It’s amazing how much fun girls can have in a CFNM situation when the environment is just right. The conditions for amateur women to feel comfortable with having a naked guy flopping his junk around in front of them have to be on their terms. And the male strip show is the perfect situation for […]

Although I just posted a small batch of male stripper CFNM videos and pictures here, I have SO MANY yet that I have shelled these out in a separate post. It’s amazing how much the male stripper show has become so much more mainstream here in the U.S. in just a few short years! Thanks […]

It originally was amateur male stripper footage that I found in Yahoo groups over 6 years ago that led me into my affinity for CFNM in the first place. I’ve seen a LOT of this stuff, so it’s extra surprising to come across examples such as the ones in this post. Take into consideration the […]