As a CFNM porn surfer and consumer, I’ve come to discover quite a few websites which cater to nothing but handjob action in their scenarios. Disappointingly though, about 90% of them are very one dimensional and don’t offer much variety in the story lines and setups. For me, I like for fantasy CFNM stories to […]

I thought that since I touched on the theme of female assisted hygiene in the CFNM sense yesterday, that I would follow up with this theme today. Because obviously, if you put a guy and girl in a showering situation, it’s about as perfect of a CFNM setup as it gets. So I’ve put together […]

One of best representatives of black male stripping is Rodney St. Cloud. The dude has been in the male stripping game for years, and his crazy muscular physique and insanely huge 16″ dick has excited, shocked, and pleased many a female attending one of his private or public shows. You can see every aspect of […]

You all are probably well aware of how truly fun and incredibly erotic it is to watch girls lose their inhibitions around naked male strippers. But if there were any doubts that you had before, I’m sure that these CFNM videos of girls losing their inhibitions in a sexually safe environment will dispel those doubts. […]