In the last huge update of CFNM, I mixed up many different tyes of CFNM scenarios. One of them was the nude male art model or “life drawing” scenario – where girls draw the figure of one naked man in front of them. I also wanted to include the CFNM situation of nude bodypainting, but […]

I’m usually quite torn with posts I make of traditionally themed real amateur CFNM. This is due to the fact that this stuff truly is the essence of what CFNM is: guys getting naked in front of completely clothed women and their reactions to it. It just so happens that real life CFNM occurrences like […]

There was such a great reception for a couple recent posts of real amateur public CFNM here & here, I’ve put together another. Although it’s pretty taboo here in America at least, public nudity has always been received fairly well by female observers, within the right context. In these examples of public CFNM, it’s being […]