If you’ve cruised any tube sites or checked out newer adult paysites recently, chances are good you’ve seen videos of porn’s newest hot genre. That genre is “taboo” or “family fantasy” scenarios. These scenarios range from step-mom with step-sons, to aunts with nephews, dads with daughters, moms with sons, and a vast array of every […]

As you already have noticed, I try to alert you all to decent CFNM website deals that I get hipped to. This time around it’s that CFNM handjob-centered site Club Tug is now offering $1 trial memberships. What’s great about the Club Tug membership is that you have access to their whole network of handjob […]

Interesting theme for today’s batch of CFNM, wouldn’t you agree? Each of these video clips involve (at least some degree) clothed girls watching a guy and girl engaged in some form of sexual activity. So first up from Amateur Allure, a mother who’s just discovered her daughter is persuing a porn career gets to witness […]

There’s quite a few varieties of indoor and outdoor amateur CFNM scenarios in this batch of a videos that I’ve put together. There’s even a couple of themes that go across the clips, just for fun. See if you can figure out what they are. Who knows, I may give somebody a prize of some […]

The CFNM scenario of a girl catching a guy while jerking off is a fun, yet embarrassing, and potentially hot scenario for a few reasons. There’s the vulnerability factor, the embarrassment factor, and also the erotic factor as perhaps the girl will go from either thinking it’s funny or gross and watch. But the obvious […]

This is yet another installment of the kinkiest genre of Cfnm that I ever post, having four before this one here, here, here, & here. Cfnm scenarios that include family members is strictly fantasy of course in all these posts, but it’s got a rabid fan base. So much that there’s plenty of places one […]

I HATE when I do this, but, I snoozed on filling you all in on something I’d planned on. You see, the man behind Club Tug not only completely improved that particular Cfnm site, but the dude created another one too! Yep, there’s a new twist on Cfnm handjob and blowjob scenarios being made at […]