How about a little something-something from Cfnm Plus, hmm fantasy Cfnm scenario fans? It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post of Cfnm Plus‘s playful, sometimes harsh scripted scenarios, so I’m hooking you up with “Perverted Gym Teacher” and “Caught Watching Porn”. Both showcase light humiliation / embarrassment, some physical “roughing-up”, face sitting, and “forced” […]

Mike visited the local massage parlor because one of his friends told him that it was the best place in town for a happy ending. While he was getting massaged he reached up and grabbed the ass of his sexy blonde masseuse. The girl stopped him, and questioned what he was doing. He told the […]

Jumpin Jeebus! The amateur Cfnm scenes in the My Dick Flash post that I made a couple days ago right here has gotten redonkulous hits via Pornhost! Two of the clips made it into their top 40 videos list, which is nutty – but a good indication of how much people are coming around to […]

Now that I’ve been given a chance to do so some sleuthing on the new Cfnm Plus site, I can give you all a lowdown on what Cfnm Plus is all about. Cfnm Plus is a sister site to the “Tushy” site group, whose sites Girlfriend Handjobs and Guys Get Fucked may have crossed your […]