Amy had never seen Tom glowering before, but he was now. Standing in her entryway with his arms crossed over his gray t-shirt, he fixed her with a withering stare and said, “Tell me again. Slowly. Everything.” She drew in a deep breath and tried to order her whirling thoughts. “OK… I was lying in […]

Chapter 1: Nikki “Come along and let me introduce you to one of my slaves,” Aunt Katherine spoke to her young niece. “That sounds…” Nikki started to reply but then stopped in mid- sentence when she grasped her Aunt’s words. “Um, I mean, that sounds good!” She could have sworn she heard her aunt use […]

Julie Chapter. 1 by Misterstarkers Julie’s visit at University Julie is the neighbor of Shawna Pitts, reporter for the State Media Service, who has been covering the transition of the United Republic to a society of mandatory male nudity, overseen by an all-female government. Dania is the younger sister of Shawna, and a student at […]