Since my last post of nude beach CFNM & NFNM footage seen here was a bit different than previous posts of it’s type, this post is a bit more straightforward. Basically, the recurring theme of today’s footage is that of exhibitionism and spectator voyeurism, as each video includes couples on nude beaches engaging in varying […]

I love this time of year because of two things – warmer weather & the NCAA basketball tournament. As this post of CFNM (and these here & here) features Playboy TV shows, it’s to give y’all the word on their “March Madness” membership deal of $5.83 a month on yearly memberships. Pretty nifty for cheapskates […]

You may have missed the big announcement I made here, when I broke big news about one of my favorite sites. Zenra Movie Annex has continued to become even more awesome, as it’s the best Japanese CFNM & fetish site with English subtitled movies being added monthly. That’s right, no more wondering what is being […]

When it comes to amateur CFNM that is casual yet has an element of sexual tension to the situation, it’s by far one of the best. It’s the closest thing to flirting you can do with a fully clothed girl as a partially to fully nude guy, until it moves beyond that. And there’s a […]

I know I’ve just covered the amateur CFNM webcam genre yesterday, but this is an intended follow up post. You see, two practicing CFNM exhibitionists Bernard Z. Grate and The Penis Comedian both submitted CFNM material for the site at the same time. Even more coincidental is that they are essentially doing the same thing: […]

There’s quite a bit of erotic fun when you make a game out of getting naked like in this post today and in this older post. The CFNM game scenario gets even better if you add in sexual acts as part of the game itself or the penalty for having lost in the competition. Either […]

Although I just did a post of CFNM that aired on television here, many people rated it low. So I’ve put together 8 various CFNM movies which were also televised, like this post here. I think these have much better moments in them than both those posts, however! By the way, I’ve still got tons […]

I happened upon a treasure trove of amateur CFNM while doing some exhaustive searches on YouTube recently. And I may have stumbled upon a new CFNM genre itself: gogo club dancer CFNM. For those not real hip to the club scene, “gogos” are physically attractive guys & girls hired by clubs to serve as entertaining […]

The CFNM scenario of a girl catching a guy while jerking off is a fun, yet embarrassing, and potentially hot scenario for a few reasons. There’s the vulnerability factor, the embarrassment factor, and also the erotic factor as perhaps the girl will go from either thinking it’s funny or gross and watch. But the obvious […]

Ever sat in your place of work and fantasize about all the opportunities for CFNM situations that you have had in your life? Like when you could’ve gotten that risky blowjob from your girlfriend while her sister and Mom were downstairs, after she saw you changing clothes but decided not to? Or maybe when you […]