Well folks, Japanese CFNM is seemingly beyond it’s golden years, it seems, so we’re left with mining it’s depths postpartum. One of the quintessential and legendary cornerstones of Asian CFNM is the series of JAV entitled “A Study Of Mens’ Penises By 100 Innocent Girls”. I’m kinda hazy on when it first was released , […]

It’s well established that Japanese Cfnm videos are fantastic because of Japanese culture’s tendency to be so fetishized and detail oriented. If you aren’t convinced, be sure to watch every minute of the movies here as well as what’s available on Asia Movie Pass & Zenra Movie Annex, and I’m sure your mind will change. […]

Japanese Cfnm doesn’t appear on many other Cfnm blogs other than this blog very often I’ve found. That is, other than Japanese blogs (of course) and blogs devoted to the site Kobe Surprise. I am assuming they don’t respect Japanese Cfnm as a legitimate source of the best and most unique Cfnm out there. That’s […]

Now I’m quite stoked to share this batch of incredibly fun and hot Japanese Cfnm tonight, as I usually am with this stuff. What you have below is 5 examples of why the Japanese quite easily have the Cfnm genre mastered (much like most other fetishes for that matter). First up are the reality-bending Cfnm […]

I think you’ll enjoy this interesting mix of Japanese Cfnm that I’ve put together for today. I haven’t had much chance to do so since the ‘Seven Kinky Medical Cfnm Scenarios’ post,as there’s been so much other Cfnm to blog about. At any rate, this batch of Japanese Cfnm consists firstly of five amateur-esque scenes […]

You may have noticed that there’s been a tsunami-like wave of Japanese Cfnm infiltrating the web recently, saturating filesharing networks, forums, and blogs. Maybe people are finally waking up to the fact that they make some of the best CFNM out there! As I’ve always had a penchant for Japanese Cfnm and there’s been more […]