I love this time of year because of two things – warmer weather & the NCAA basketball tournament. As this post of CFNM (and these here & here) features Playboy TV shows, it’s to give y’all the word on their “March Madness” membership deal of $5.83 a month on yearly memberships. Pretty nifty for cheapskates […]

There’s quite a few varieties of indoor and outdoor amateur CFNM scenarios in this batch of a videos that I’ve put together. There’s even a couple of themes that go across the clips, just for fun. See if you can figure out what they are. Who knows, I may give somebody a prize of some […]

Some of best sexualized acts that a clothed woman can engage in with her naked and exposed male, is that of the CFNM handjob. And that’s what I’m presenting to you today: four hot examples of various women that are quite amateur in the online CFNM website circuit, giving handjobs to guys in a variety […]

I say it over and over again, I know, but it really does never cease to amaze me how daring people can be in the context of CFNM and sex. If you haven’t done anything sexual in a public place, where risk is a factor, you’re sorely missing out on the thrill. Lucky for all […]