Well folks, since my last mixture of amateur hardcore and softcore videos of CFNM scenarios (seen here) was such a hit, I promised a repeat. This post is that repeat, which is somewhat similar thematically, but definitely not too alike. At any rate, the first two are great interactions of well hung amateur guys being […]

I’m fairly certain that you all know a little something about the linkage between Cfnm and cuckolding, but I figured that a post was due for the subject. Generally speaking, cuckolding is the fantasy (or the lifestyle for some) of a relationship where the guy basically has a wife that he enjoys seeing with other […]

As you know from following All Things Cfnm, I strive to bring you all the different themes and genres of Cfnm and this time around, I’ve dug up some Cfnm scenes of the cuckolding variety. I’m not well versed in this genre of Cfnm, only having watched a few scenes from Forced Men, and implied […]

The impetus for this post began in response to a request for audio Cfnm on the Sensations 4 Women forum, made in this thread. So I searched my archives and lo and behold, found a nice set of them! These audio Cfnm files aren’t all “stories” (except for files 7, 8, and 9 which is […]

Having full penetrative sex in a Cfnm scenario is THE most taboo thing to include for purist Cfnm fans. They believe sex shouldn’t be part of a true Cfnm scene, viewing the guy(s) are too empowered, thereby making it just another porn scene. Well, that’s bullshit to me, as Cfnm can play out in as […]