Although I just did a post of CFNM that aired on television here, many people rated it low. So I’ve put together 8 various CFNM movies which were also televised, like this post here. I think these have much better moments in them than both those posts, however! By the way, I’ve still got tons […]

The act of a guy going out completely naked to a store of any type is something you would typically think doesn’t happen all that often. Well, not unlike CFNM Show‘s CFNM episode of “Surprise In The Changing Room” (pictured in the upper right) or the many examples of this type of exhibitionistic CFNM behavior […]

I am starting out with a disclaimer: I know that the Cfnm found on the Reality Kings network is very, shall we say “porn-y”. Meaning that although there’s some nicely executed Cfnm fantasy setups, they almost all move into the territory of mainstream porn after ten to twenty minutes. Of course Reality Kings does have […]

Cfnm Secret is continuing to impress me whenever I get the time to check their Cfnm scenes out. In this “Wild Times” Cfnm scenario, Alana, Nikki, and Veronica invite 3 guys to come over and participate in a little experiment: a ‘guess-the-dick’ game! The 3 guys are stripped down and have their bodies and cocks […]

Since my site review post of the new Cfnm site Cfnm Secret, I’ve seen numbers of emails and image-views be extremely high. Obviously you all dig this stuff quite a bit, or at least curious about Cfnm Secret‘s content. So I used my Reality Kings Network pass (which is a $4.95 3-day trial and includes […]