As you already have noticed, I try to alert you all to decent CFNM website deals that I get hipped to. This time around it’s that CFNM handjob-centered site Club Tug is now offering $1 trial memberships. What’s great about the Club Tug membership is that you have access to their whole network of handjob […]

There’s plenty of Cfnm scenarios that are considered kinky, but none get as edgy on the kink factor as when the scenario has a incestuous nature. Yep, I’ve put together seven Cfnm clips which all have, in a fantasy context, a “keep it in the family” vibe. This post is much like another popular one […]

If you’ve been a regular visitor to the Cfnm blog here, you’ve probably noticed there’s been more than a few “family-related” Cfnm fantasy scenes posted. Well, today I’m continuing on this fairly kinky and taboo theme, but branching out a bit. First up are two classic Cfnm scenes directly involving brothers and sisters from the […]

This Cfnm handjobs versus Cfnm blowjobs themed post is a bit similar to the previous one that I put together here, except I mixed things up a bit this time around. In order, there’s some fantastic multiple girl Cfnm handjob action on 5 naked guys in “Caught Skinnydipping” from CFNM Zone, followed by a much […]

Up until only fairly recently, Pure Cfnm was the only Cfnm paysite that had the guts to provide fantasy scenarios of playfully implied indirect incest on a semi-regular basis. Well, Club Tug and See Mom Suck (both part of the same network) have moved into this fantasy niche of Cfnm. Both sites provide scenes where […]