Well folks, since my last mixture of amateur hardcore and softcore videos of CFNM scenarios (seen here) was such a hit, I promised a repeat. This post is that repeat, which is somewhat similar thematically, but definitely not too alike. At any rate, the first two are great interactions of well hung amateur guys being […]

So, continuing upon my streak of updates involving CFNM exhibitionism brings us upon something pretty damn special. The crazy CFNM aficionado Bernard Z. Grate recently got himself set up to be the naked male entertainer for a small group of women. Not only did they agree to being videotaped, but one of the women that […]

I know I’ve just covered the amateur CFNM webcam genre yesterday, but this is an intended follow up post. You see, two practicing CFNM exhibitionists Bernard Z. Grate and The Penis Comedian both submitted CFNM material for the site at the same time. Even more coincidental is that they are essentially doing the same thing: […]

This is a rare treat, CFNM aficionados, a great fan of the CFNM blog has bestowed upon us a few of his very own homemade CFNM compilations. He calls himself “Penny The Penis Comedian”, and is a self-described extreme exhibitionist – using webcam services like Omegle.com, Cam4.com, or Chaturbate.com. He enjoys showing off his cock […]