**CONTENT REMOVED** *This really sucks to have to do, but Jeff had a major change of heart about releasing this material. Without getting into all of his personal details, he’s told me over the phone that the exposure of this was too much for him and his current career. Although I had warned him of […]

I don’t know about you all, but there’s something incredibly hot and sexy about the scenario of a fully clothed woman directing a naked male to do anything of a sexual nature. Now I’ve posted videos featuring these kinds of CFNM situations here, here, & here. These first two CFNM scenes are a bit different, […]

Although there’s already been a post similar to this recently added to the blog, I put some extra special effort into it. Basically, there’s a plethora of Cfnm handjob content out there that exists on many a different pay site. And I happen to have gotten more into the female control theme of Cfnm handjob […]