There’s sofsme really great footage here that I’ve put together for you today, so I hope you enjoy the mixture of softcore and hardcore CFNM as much as the last post of this sort I did. First off are two amateur softcore CFNM situations in the spirit of My Dick Flash where drunk guys have […]

This flood of fourteen movies of amateur women reacting to the sight and presence of naked men in various situations mirrors the flood around my house right now. April is proving to be incredibly wet, much like the ladies in these movies might have gotten when they had their CFNM experience. All of these are […]

When it comes to stereotypical settings for CFNM, two of them are performances of “The Full Monty” and “Ballongdansen”. Ballongdansen is an event in Sweden where the graduating class does a dance with balloons in teams, all to a goofy song. Each mixed group of guys and girls are rated on their choreography and how […]

Truth is always stranger than fiction when you have the video evidence to prove it, and in this post, that’s being made quite clear. Because I’ve found and presented eight incredibly crazy and completely real CFNM clips recorded and shared by amateurs from all over the world. The action in these videos mostly occur in […]

Well, I’ve got more real amateur CFNM movie clips as promised from yesterday’s post of similar themed videos. These were found via YouTube, believe it or not, much like a couple from yesterday were – uploaded by the girls that filmed them! In the first clip, an artist has gotten her colleague to allow her […]

I can understand it appears that it’s been a very long time since there’s been activity here, but it’s all but it’s all beenbehind the scenes. So, to get things rolling, I’m trotting out some very straightforward CFNM footage, all coming from Russia, Greece, and France. The true kind of CFNM that isn’t so much […]