I happen to be in a position where I regularly experience Cfnm situations in the medical context, so seeing fantasy scenarios that take things to a more sexual place is always a welcome sight. The website with the highest quality storied fantasy medical Cfnm scenes,in my opinion, is Adventures In Cfnm. Also known as Cfnm.net, […]

Pure CFNM does a very good job of exploring all the different fetishes within the CFNM genre, including naked male humiliation at the hands of multiple clothed females. There’s been two Pure CFNM scenarios lately that illustrate this, we’ll start with “Art Class”: Danica’s art class is drawing a gorgeous nude female life model this […]

For my third installment in this ‘fully-clothed & Cfnm sex in fantasy Cfnm scenes’ series, I’m turning to Brandi Belle – part of the well-known BangBros Network. As many Cfnm fans know already, Brandi Belle often incorporates Japanese Cfnm ideas as well as Cfnm sex into her scenarios. As this is the case, I’ve picked […]