Since the Cfnm handjob genre can be incredibly dull, boring, and basically stupid sometimes, I tried my best to put together a bunch of very interesting ones involving amateur couple Cfnm handjobs. I First have female-in-charge and teasing and denial handjob scenes from paysites, from the following places: Chica’s Place, Fucked Up Handjobs, Hand Domination, […]

With all the focus upon the blowjob and even sex these days in the plethora of Cfnm sites out there, one is left to ponder, are there strictly Cfnm handjobs out there anymore? And better yet, are these Cfnm handjobs in scenarios where there’s more than one girl having a go at the naked guy […]

Well Cfnm blog readers, you know the drill when it comes to this blog and male stripper Cfnm – I always bring the most amateur stuff around and hold it up against what some of the pay sites out there produce. So basically I’ve put together a mega-post of stripper Cfnm stuff, ten videos that […]

If you refer to my last exclusively Cfnm handjob post on the Cfnm blog here, I put a little twist on the whole post. I offer up to you this time around two Cfnm handjob clips from two of the most renowned sites for Cfnm that focuses directly upon the act of clothed females giving […]

Johnny is in his office when he discovers some naughty pictures of Hannah on the computer. He gets very turned on, whips out his penis and starts playing with it. He is listening to music on his headphones and doesn’t hear Maisie walk in and she is horrified at what he is doing. She goes […]

Women think men are bad when we have bachelor parties. Shiiiit…check out what this group celebrating their friend’s bachelorette party end up doing to this somewhat lucky strippers cock. After teasing the living crap out of him, slapping him around, smothering his face with some of the various girls’ tits and asses, they get the […]

If you’ve paid attention over the weekend, you’d have heard that another site has bubbled to the threshold and it’s called Cruelty Party. Ever since the huge overkill of Cfnm sites last year (i.e. Cfnm Tales, Cfnm Max, Only Cfnm etc.), things got kinda repetitive. But then came Cfnm Plus and Dancing Bear, which seems […]

How about a little something-something from Cfnm Plus, hmm fantasy Cfnm scenario fans? It’s been awhile since I’ve done a post of Cfnm Plus‘s playful, sometimes harsh scripted scenarios, so I’m hooking you up with “Perverted Gym Teacher” and “Caught Watching Porn”. Both showcase light humiliation / embarrassment, some physical “roughing-up”, face sitting, and “forced” […]

Mike visited the local massage parlor because one of his friends told him that it was the best place in town for a happy ending. While he was getting massaged he reached up and grabbed the ass of his sexy blonde masseuse. The girl stopped him, and questioned what he was doing. He told the […]

Sometimes I’m not real bright with the frequency of posts of certain types of Cfnm, especially that of the more forceful variety. I was looking through the archives here on All Things Cfnm was and was pretty surprised to not find many posts of CFNM Plus content! Seriously, CFNM Plus is emerging as one of […]