So I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but all of the shit talking and conspiracy theories people have been posting in the comment sections really have not helped me get motivated to post. When life gets crazy, your priorities change, and new opportunities become available to you, things such as this site […]

**EIGHTH CLIP REPLACED/FIXED – 11/19/14** Although this post is not for CFNM purists, there’s been enough votes on these kinds of posts to warrant one. Clips one and two are a bit more than amateur, but feature girls that have not appeared on any adult site prior to when they grace the pages of Amateur […]

Since everyone loves the amateur stuff, I’ve put together eight clips of homemade CFNM videos made by amateur couples. First up are two amazingly hot, high definition clips of CFNM blowjob and swallowing action from the couple behind Wifey’s World. Clip one has Wifey playing the role of a neighbor woman who has an idea […]

There’s sofsme really great footage here that I’ve put together for you today, so I hope you enjoy the mixture of softcore and hardcore CFNM as much as the last post of this sort I did. First off are two amateur softcore CFNM situations in the spirit of My Dick Flash where drunk guys have […]

It’s not real often that I drop a post of handjob tease & orgasm denial CFNM situations, so I thought it’d be fun to do one. I absolutely love this little sub genre of the CFNM fetish, watching women practicing their ultimate control over a man simply by sensing how close they are to cumming […]

Well folks, it’s been bitterly freezing cold around here lately, which has me missing warm weather in the worst way. So, I decided a little beach CFNM would be the cure to my and you all’s winter blues for a bit. These videos are 100% real, nonstaged amateurly recorded CFNM efforts that have made their […]

I had such a great reaction to my last post of random themed amateur CFNM handjob and blowjob scenarios seen here, that I figured I’d do it again. This time however, I’m mixing in CFNM situations that also involve multiple partner activity. So first up is a great video featuring a way hot girl who […]

Nowadays with the internet and handheld video cameras on practically every handheld device, tons of amateur couples are making their own porn videos. And amazingly enough, a good portion of homemade porn ends up including quite a few clough female, naked male situations. A lot of this is pretty inadvertent, but I like to think […]

Although I know I did a very CFNM blowjob heavy post just the other day here, I couldn’t help myself. Why? Well, I’m kinda obsessed with Camille Crimson and her amazing work on Art Of The Blowjob again. I’ve been kicking myself for never getting interview questions prepared after she happily granted me the opportunity […]

Before getting into this post, I want to first off say that there’s a rundown of my health and well being in the comment section. It will give you all concerned site visitors an explanation as to why the site’s been dead for awhile. Now, onto the homemade amateur CFNM videos! I’ve split off the […]