Although I know traditional straightforward CFNM scenes like the eight below aren’t what most porn heads will recognize as legitimate CFNM, it quite assuredly is! It’s strange how many folks out there don’t understand that the CFNM fetish is all about. To put it succintly, CFNM isn’t about sex. It’s not really even about blowjobs […]

There’s been many people in the online CFNM community that have stated in a couple forums that there isn’t much real CFNM out there. Well, I kind of beg to differ, as this post goes to illustrate. Sure, amateur video doesn’t do the best job of capturing the most perfect of views of these occurrences […]

There’s quite a bit of erotic fun when you make a game out of getting naked like in this post today and in this older post. The CFNM game scenario gets even better if you add in sexual acts as part of the game itself or the penalty for having lost in the competition. Either […]

Although I just did a post of CFNM that aired on television here, many people rated it low. So I’ve put together 8 various CFNM movies which were also televised, like this post here. I think these have much better moments in them than both those posts, however! By the way, I’ve still got tons […]

I never really used to find many of these sorts of amateur CFNM situations very hot until I found myself watching videos just like these below. There is something very erotic about the fact that the girls are almost animalistic in their desire to get the guy’s pants off. Sometimes it’s erotically charged, in that […]

Amateur guys going fully nude for a Brazilian wax job from a female friend or professional aesthetician is prime territory for CFNM aficionados. I’ve never gone myself, but after seeing videos like the ones below, I’m really contemplating it! The girls either have a very lighthearted and fun time with it, or just try to […]