Well my fellow CFNM enthusiasts, I’ve returned with a long overdue update to the blog. I’m hoping that since you all were receptive to previous posts of interview & reporter CFNM scenarios like here, here, & here, that a megapost of more would be equally appreciated. So first up in clips one and two are […]

As ridiculous as it sounds, I haven’t posted any sort of vintage CFNM content in quite awhile – as in almost a year!!. I got inspired by Darweb in the S4W Forum, who’s been posting some great CFNM scenes from porn flicks of the ’60s & the ’70s. There’s tons more out there &, as […]

Mainstream porn, and even including CFNM scenario driven porn itself, has evolved over a longer time span than you might think. What’s surprising is how far back in time we can go in porn movie productions to see that there were directors willing to explore CFNM situations. So I’m presenting ten such scenes in this […]

Sorry for the massive update delay, but I’ve had to do some major hardware and software upgrading lately, and it’s taken A LOT of time. Now retro Cfnm, as I always say, is incredibly rare. I think it’s scarcity and the fact that the Cfnm scenes that appeared in classic and vintage porn movies were […]

Well folks, if you enjoy Cfnm handjob scenes,especially when they occur in public or around other people, you’re in for a real treat today. Basically I’ve laid out eight Cfnm videos of this type, the first four coming from Germany and the second four from Japan. The first four in-public Cfnm handjobs come from the […]

In my Cfnm internet ‘research’ travels I’d come across these German Cfnm handjob movies every once in awhile. I knew they had to derive from a single source because of obvious similarities, but for some reason could not seem to get the appropriate info on them. Well I finally have and WOW, it’s like finding […]