Interesting theme for today’s batch of CFNM, wouldn’t you agree? Each of these video clips involve (at least some degree) clothed girls watching a guy and girl engaged in some form of sexual activity. So first up from Amateur Allure, a mother who’s just discovered her daughter is persuing a porn career gets to witness […]

As promised in today’s earlier post is a post of CFNM scenArios available through streaming video. Gloryholes that are usually located in adult movie theaters and adult bookstores are not the most inviting areas for CFNM, but it exists. As a friend of mine has sworn by, swinger type couples often use them as an […]

One interesting CFNM situation that most people don’t get to experience or see is that of the gloryhole in adult bookstores and theaters. I’ve put together four good examples of the kinds of things that happen in them. Basically, amateur guys that aren’t too insecure about seeing their girlfriend jerking or sucking off another guy […]

CFNM obviously can happen in about a million different types of scenarios, all of which have their own interesting idiosyncrasies. One that has always intrigued me is that of the CFNM gloryhole scenario. It’s really unlike anything else CFNM related, as the clothed woman only is able to appreciate (or not appreciate) one part of […]

I’ve been adding quite a bit of Japanese Cfnm to my posts lately, if you’ve noticed. Why? Because like I’ve explained on this blog a few hundred times, CFNM done by the Japanese is simply brilliant. Now allot of people have a problem with the mosaic censorship that about 99% of Japanese porn has to […]

For those of you living under a rock the last 30 years, a glory hole is basically a hole that’s big enough to stick a cock through. And depending where you live, they can be found in practically every porn store video booth in your area. It’s all for anonymous cock sucking purposes, and when […]

So yet again, I’ve neglected the blog with every other day updates of smaller portions of Cfnm, only to come back with a mega post. I really wonder if maybe this is a better format, or not? Let me know! So yes, today brings you a total crazy amount of Cfnm, starting off with four […]

Cfnm Secret is continuing to impress me whenever I get the time to check their Cfnm scenes out. In this “Wild Times” Cfnm scenario, Alana, Nikki, and Veronica invite 3 guys to come over and participate in a little experiment: a ‘guess-the-dick’ game! The 3 guys are stripped down and have their bodies and cocks […]