This overdue post is completely dedicated to one of our kings of the CFNM lifestyle: Australian artist Tim Patch, aka “Pricasso”. You see, Tim’s dubbed himself “Pricasso”, because he paints portraits while nude, predominantly using his penis as a paintbrush. I’ve been a fan of his from the time I found his website around 4 […]

I’ve got more bad news to report: 3 of my other Cfnm blogs (All Cfnm Stories, Cfnm On You Tube, and Handjob Haven) were deleted yesterday and I still have no idea how or why. I’m working on getting the sites reestablished, and until then, I decided to do a tribute post to Cfnm On […]

I know that everybody is after as much realism as possible when they’re wanting to check out some Cfnm videos and pictures. And honestly, it doesn’t get any more real than when you are able to see Cfnm straight from the amateur couples that made it! So I’ve put together fifteen short and sweet amateur […]