It’s been a bit since I’ve posted up a collection of CFNM massage videos for you all, so that’s our theme for the day. As I pointed out in this post and in this post, massage therapy is one of the easiest to experience, as well as one of the most intense. A site that […]

In this blog update, I’ve put together a nice mixture of the various types of CFNM and CFNM-like encounters within the context of a massage. First up are two videos from one of the best sources online for seriously erotic as fuck massage movies: Hegre Art. The first is actually not a massage, but instead […]

CFNM situations like getting a legitimate massage in your home or at a spa is a great experience you should explore trying out. If anything, you’ll be naked while having a relaxing interaction with someone probably fairly interesting given their line of work. But, “things” can happen, if you build a mutually respectful relationship with […]

I’m constantly surprised at how much more CFNM and more hardcore interactions between men and women are getting broadcast in “reality” TV shows these days. I’ve shared tons of the stuff here on the blog, like I have here, here, & here. So, for today I bring you eight examples of this, the first two […]

One of the most relaxed and casual scenarios for CFNM is that of the massage scenario. I personally love this kind of setup because typically women in the massage therapy occupation are cool people. Oftentimes, even if you do pop wood in front of them, they’ll be completely cool about it and say something like […]

I realize that today’s update isn’t actually completely 100% CFNM, as some of the video footage contains female nudity. However, in the massage scenario, I think that naked males are still being objectified as a source of sexual interest. So, with that kind of dynamic, the heart and soul of what all CFNM scenarios are […]

I initially started this update of TV CFNM because now with streaming video, access to great moments of CFNM on TV shows is quite accessible. So accessible in fact that I’ve amassed quite the collection recently, on top of the already huge amount that I had. So, what we’ve got you today folks as a […]

I wanted to have this Cfnm massage blog entry up last night, but ran into some major uploading problems. But better late than never, correct? So I’ve put together seven fantastic (and long) scenes of Cfnm handjob action that occurs in the massage scenario. First up is real amateur footage taken by a guy who […]

Although I had explained their differing approaches to CFNM here, I never did do a side by side comparison of both Kay’s Planet and My Dick Flash. Kay and Mike (the creators and producers of Kay’s Planet and My Dick Flash) often use one another in order to facilitate Cfnm scenarios to happen in real […]

There’s something about the amateur Cfnm over at My Dick Flash that’s quite intriguing to me. Mike’s penchant for using hidden cameras to capture his female friends, relatives, and acquaintances’ reactions to his lifestyle of home nudity is about as unique of Cfnm as there is. What adds to My Dick Flash‘s allure is that […]