Hey all, I hope you’re ready for some CFNM scenarios that are far from the “vanilla” stuff many of you are used to. First & second up are two rough tease & denial, CFNM handjobs from Hand Domination where the guys are “under restraint”. Clip one features a teen with braces jacking off a big […]

I’ve got an interesting mix of hot CFNM handjob scenarios featuring girls that are definitely into the act of controlling the naked male. I’ve also included four scenes which are a little more lighthearted, but still have that aesthetic where the girls are definitely enjoying having the guy’s dick in their hand. The first up […]

Real amateur CFNM scenarios featuring pube achieving and waxing interactions are one of the hardest to find. However, as in past posts like this one here, here, here, here, & here show, I manage to scrounge them up out of the vastness of the webz. So first up are four hardcore amateur scenes followed by […]

Nowadays with the internet and handheld video cameras on practically every handheld device, tons of amateur couples are making their own porn videos. And amazingly enough, a good portion of homemade porn ends up including quite a few clough female, naked male situations. A lot of this is pretty inadvertent, but I like to think […]

Nowadays amateur couples living everywhere are using their webcams, tablets, and cell phones to record their own sexual encounters. It’s pretty amazing what technology tempts people to do and record for themselves, and it’s even more amazing how much of the stuff that ends up on the Internet is CFNM in nature. Some videos are […]

There’s something really erotic about amateur filmed CFNM blowjob footage, in that the couples involved are truly only doing it for themselves. They don’t have to think much beyond him giving up total control to her sucking and jerking his cock, which provides an incredibly hot view into their intimacy. The fact that it’s a […]

When it comes to online porn, the genres of amateur handjobs and Cfnm are intrinsically linked. Each have it’s own separate following of hard core fans, but the overlap becomes clear when you go surfing for amateur produced material. This is exactly why I’m posting three examples of this very phenomena from Oceans East, Big […]

It’s easy to glean from the stats of the blog that most visitors here are rabid fans of amateur footage, especially if it’s homemade amateur CFNM. Like in my other posts of amateur CFNM and the other genres of CFNM I post, this batch of videos follow certain creative themes. The first three are all […]

One thing that you’ll notice here on All Things Cfnm is that there’s absolutely no shortage of amateur Cfnm. With myself included, most Cfnm fanatics love the amateur footage when it’s available because it’s REAL. Unscripted. And there’s actually some amazingly spontaneous, kinky amateur Cfnm moments captured that’re better than anything a site could stage […]

I’ll have to begin today’s amateur Cfnm post with an apology for my recent posting tardiness. I know it’s annoying to read a blog full of apologetic digressions, (especially a porn blog) so I’ll stop here. The fact that I’ve put together an awesome collection of both Cfnm handjobs & Cfnm blowjobs all made by […]