It’s been a bit since I’ve posted up a collection of CFNM massage videos for you all, so that’s our theme for the day. As I pointed out in this post and in this post, massage therapy is one of the easiest to experience, as well as one of the most intense. A site that […]

Hey all, I hope you’re ready for some CFNM scenarios that are far from the “vanilla” stuff many of you are used to. First & second up are two rough tease & denial, CFNM handjobs from Hand Domination where the guys are “under restraint”. Clip one features a teen with braces jacking off a big […]

I’ve not a whole lot of time to break down all the stripper CFNM situation video footage in this update, so I’m going to be short & to the point. I’ve first up got two videos of New York black male stripshow footage from the NYC strip troupe‘s paysite Strippers In The Hood. Clip one […]

Since I get quite a few requests and decent ratings on previous posts like this post, this post, this post, & this post; I decided to plop this doozy of a post on the blog. So I’ve put together five sets of two kinky themed CFNM scenes from five sites that cater to this type […]

Happy April Fool’s Day, perverts! I would’ve played a prank on you all, but didn’t think it’d be real kosher to spread a false rumor to over 15 thousand people. Yup, believe it or not, that’s the average crowd on a given day around these parts nowadays. Amazing. But as you fine people are here […]

I have eight clips of CFNM handjobs and blowjobs of varying themes for you pervs today, starting off with four from a couple sites you should know about. The first pair of CFNM handjob videos from Hand Domination feature the same guy in both, first with one girl but then with two in the second. […]

Well folks, I’m back with a boatload of quality CFNM handjob scenarios in this update, so pay attention. Each set of two videos I’ve provided below follow a theme, making it a little more enytertaining. Hopefully this isn’t a wasted effort! First up are two clips from Oceans East, home of the famous “Jerky Girls”, […]

Since I referred to the CFNM genre of “cock shock” in a previous post here, I thought it befitting to do one in the the traditional sense. It’s similar to that previous post, as the focus is on girls’ reactions to seeing a seriously huge cock. However, these girls are with black men – completely […]

If you’re wondering why I’m posting an exclusively interracial CFNM themed batch of videos, I’ve really got a weak explanation. I was looking through some videos and found one that really tripped my trigger, as it had a super cute blonde girl doing an impressive job of deep throating a giant black cock. So I […]

It’s been a fair stretch of time since All Things Cfnm presented some hot Cfnm cock shock, so that’s the flavor of this update. First up is the modern master of interracial Cfnm cock shock getting a long and challenging blowjob from a petite cutie via the Blackzilla site. Then there’s a hot Whitezilla scene […]