A great example of an CFNM scenario is a situation where a naked male is completely exposed to a clothed female in an interview setting. Usually this kind of setup happens at protests and public events which encourage or allow nudity. And since those things don’t happen all that often, it’s truly awesome when you […]

It’s quite amazing that there is this much footage of this type of CFNM scenario, as it’s pretty rare when a situation where a nude male interviewed by a clothed female can occur. I’ve made previous posts of this type of CFNM before this post & here, but they weren’t exactly like this one. You […]

I’ve always raved in previous posts of Cfnm from My Dick Flash about Kay’s general take on Cfnm and the incredibly interesting videos that she makes for the site. Well, imagine my delight when she emailed me to tell me that she started her own Cfnm site called Kay’s Planet! Yes, finally, a full fledged […]

I’ve got more bad news to report: 3 of my other Cfnm blogs (All Cfnm Stories, Cfnm On You Tube, and Handjob Haven) were deleted yesterday and I still have no idea how or why. I’m working on getting the sites reestablished, and until then, I decided to do a tribute post to Cfnm On […]

In my last post about My Dick Flash, I mentioned the interesting relationship between self-described nudist and Cfnm fanatic Mike and his female friend Kay. What I didn’t mention in that Real Amateur Cfnm In Casual Settings post that her Cfnm journalistic endeavors found on the site are arguably some of the best content they […]