For this 4th of July update, I bring you twenty Mainstream TV CFNM scenes (which you can finds shedloads of on Mr.’s CFNM scene archive). Some of these, obviously, are older clips but some are newer. All of these have never been posted here before, either, so it’s cool to finally start purging some […]

Since your humble CFNM webmaster (me) has been horrifically overwhelmed with life recently, I’ve aimed to make up for things with this mainstream TV CFNM mega-post. Much like the Ten CFNM & NFNM Scene Compilations From Mainstream TV Dating Shows post I did awhile back, all of these clips come from “reality shows” on TV. […]

In the last huge update of CFNM, I mixed up many different tyes of CFNM scenarios. One of them was the nude male art model or “life drawing” scenario – where girls draw the figure of one naked man in front of them. I also wanted to include the CFNM situation of nude bodypainting, but […]

It’s far too rare to come across good CFNM life drawing scenes, especially ones that are completely amateur like in this post and this one. However, I’ve done some digging around my CFNM archives and the web for some fun clips that you all should enjoy. There’s some amazing reactions in these, especially in the […]

When it comes to an awesome, casual, and traditional CFNM opportunities, few situations are more pure than the nude male life drawing scene. Colleges utilize nude male models for their drawing classes, businesses aimed at educating and entertaining women with the opportunity to draw a nude male are thriving, and it’s now being caught on […]

It’s well established that Japanese Cfnm videos are fantastic because of Japanese culture’s tendency to be so fetishized and detail oriented. If you aren’t convinced, be sure to watch every minute of the movies here as well as what’s available on Asia Movie Pass & Zenra Movie Annex, and I’m sure your mind will change. […]

I normally do mashups of two Cfnm genres here on the blog, but today I wanted to incorporate three into one just for kicks. So today you’re being treated to Cfnm videos of Cfnm scenarios involving nurses, artistic nude drawing students, and airline stewardesses (or flight attendants). As you’ve no doubt noticed, these types of […]

It’s tough to keep up with consistently posting traditional Cfnm on a regular basis (like here and here), as there’s just so much more Cfnm videos available with handjob and blowjob action these days in comparison. So for today’s serving of Cfnm footage, I decided to put together 10 scenes, all traditionally themed – the […]

I’ve got more bad news to report: 3 of my other Cfnm blogs (All Cfnm Stories, Cfnm On You Tube, and Handjob Haven) were deleted yesterday and I still have no idea how or why. I’m working on getting the sites reestablished, and until then, I decided to do a tribute post to Cfnm On […]

It seems that I’ve been enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday a little much, as it’s been awhile since I’ve updated – by All Things Cfnm standards anyhow. I do hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it, as well as the past posts here on the blog. So, to remedy the lack of updates, […]