As per usual for me, I’ve gone a bit overboard in the number of celebrity & mainstream film CFNM videos that I’ve posted here. But knowing that posts such as this one in this genre are so popular, I’m going to assume I’ll be receiving minimal hate mail from this one. I should mention that […]

The most popular posts on this CFNM blog used to be the posts of traditional CFNM, male stripper show CFNM, and the posts of Japanese CFNM scenes. And now, it seems that things have shifted such that now CFNM scenes spliced from mainstream movies and foreign cinema are what you all seem to rate the […]

I feel pretty crappy for not updating the site until tonight, but this entire week really got away from me. Because of that fact, I thought it befitting to go way overboard with this update! It’s also because of two other reasons, one being that previous posts of CFNM from mainstream movies like here, here, […]

After the great feedback of high votes in the last post of CFNM scenes from mainstream movies I did, I made sure to recatalog some clips I’ve had around as well as skim around for more. Although IMDB and the esteemed posters of this genre of CFNM, like Cineguy, Uzi9mm, and others have done an […]

Vintage porn is a virtual cornucopia of truly interestingly unique, kitschy, funny, and downright hot CFNM scenes. Like I’ve previously posted here, here, & here, CFNM from the porn made back in the 70s & 80s is unlike much that is made today. So I’m presenting first two hot (and entertaining) CFNM blowjob scenes from […]

It’s becoming a more common for nudity and sex scenes to appear in cable network TV series lately, often in the CFNM context! HBO’s “Hung” and Starz’s “Spartacus” TV series are great examples of this phenomena. So I’ve trotted out ten various CFNM, sex, and mixed nudity scenes from both shows’ first season. These are […]

There’s something very hot about having a situation where you’re completely naked and exposed to a clothed woman. There’s a mixture of embarrassment, humor, pride, and sexual tension that can be a huge turn on for both the man and the woman involved. I think is why these types of Cfnm (clothed female, naked male) […]