Today’s blog update of CFNM massage scenario video footage was inspired partially by another new website launch which plays off of this genre. The site, titled Mean Massage, is the newest addition to Club Tug‘s all-in-one membership CFNM handjob network. Mean Massage sets up fantasy CFNM scenarios where masseuses end up giving male “clients” a […]

Although I just did a review of the amateur driven Cfnm handjob and blowjob site Club Tug in a previous post, I couldn’t help but want to do another. Amateur Cfnm seems to be a bit more edgy and raw for the most part, and that’s what the new-ish site Tug Wives continuously delivers. Think […]

It seems like many Cfnm sites and porn sites in general are revamping their sites as well as offering more varied Cfnm content for your money. Like I reported here, Pure Cfnm has a three-for-one Cfnm site deal, but guess what – Club Tug also does! If you didn’t realize it, with a membership to […]

One thing that you’ll notice here on All Things Cfnm is that there’s absolutely no shortage of amateur Cfnm. With myself included, most Cfnm fanatics love the amateur footage when it’s available because it’s REAL. Unscripted. And there’s actually some amazingly spontaneous, kinky amateur Cfnm moments captured that’re better than anything a site could stage […]

I’ll have to begin today’s amateur Cfnm post with an apology for my recent posting tardiness. I know it’s annoying to read a blog full of apologetic digressions, (especially a porn blog) so I’ll stop here. The fact that I’ve put together an awesome collection of both Cfnm handjobs & Cfnm blowjobs all made by […]

I’m sure you’ve noticed that my last series of posts were of fully commercial Cfnm, which the umpteen million fake blogs out there hype with little to no content. So today All Things Cfnm is returning to a palate-cleansing post of amateur Cfnm. Now don’t gloss over these as you probably tend to from other […]