Happy April Fool’s Day, perverts! I would’ve played a prank on you all, but didn’t think it’d be real kosher to spread a false rumor to over 15 thousand people. Yup, believe it or not, that’s the average crowd on a given day around these parts nowadays. Amazing. But as you fine people are here […]

This megapost of medical CFNM kinda goes off topic, but there’s a good reason for it. I have to say that as a heterosexual male, NFCM & NFNM situations are sometimes just as erotic as a CFNM scenario, for the same reasons. That’s why I’m showcasing both CFNM & NFNM fantasy medical exam sites’ Medical […]

The title of this post says it all, folks, there’s some freaking hot CFNM scenes in this update. The actual experience of being stripped naked, examined, and have your dick measured can be funny and erotic as well as being prideful or humbling, depending upon the variables. But I think I did a decent job […]

Apparently, Adventures In CFNM (which is AKA CFNM.net) has been updating it’s CFNM storylined video-only website CFNMTV.com with not only older scenarios, but also with newer ones. Well at least the scenes are new to me, as I’ve not been an ravenous consumer of their oftentimes edgy CFNM until late. For CFNM enthusiasts who enjoy […]

One really fun and incredibly hot CFNM subgenre is that of “cock shock”, otherwise known as a girl’s shocked reaction to a well endowed guy exposing his dick to her. There’s quite a few people are like this stuff out there, myself included, because it really gets at the root of what makes CFNM so […]

Of all CFNM situations, the one I personally know best is CFNM within the medical environment. Hospitals, quick care clinics, and doctor’s offices are indeed prime environments for CFNM to occur. Having a chronic medical condition definitely opens one’s eyes to that fact! But I’ve put together a mixture of some real life and fantasy […]

I’ve got a nice collection of fantasy and amateur CFNM scenarios that involve dick measuring and more along with it in today’s post. I posted these despite having a bunch of videos removed from VidEarn, which I won’t be using any more for hosting if I can help it. I also want to inform everyone […]

So, continuing upon my streak of updates involving CFNM exhibitionism brings us upon something pretty damn special. The crazy CFNM aficionado Bernard Z. Grate recently got himself set up to be the naked male entertainer for a small group of women. Not only did they agree to being videotaped, but one of the women that […]

Tonight I’m focusing on the unique and completely amateur CFNM that only Kay’s Planet supplies. In the first clip, Kay introduces a 100% amateur girl named Tera to the concept of CFNM by bringing in a completely nude guy to stand next to her while Kay interviews her. Tera candidly answers questions about what she […]

It’s well established that Japanese Cfnm videos are fantastic because of Japanese culture’s tendency to be so fetishized and detail oriented. If you aren’t convinced, be sure to watch every minute of the movies here as well as what’s available on Asia Movie Pass & Zenra Movie Annex, and I’m sure your mind will change. […]