Hey all, I hope you’re ready for some CFNM scenarios that are far from the “vanilla” stuff many of you are used to. First & second up are two rough tease & denial, CFNM handjobs from Hand Domination where the guys are “under restraint”. Clip one features a teen with braces jacking off a big […]

The term “milking” can describe quite a few things, but it’s fifth definition is the most fitting for this update: to extract something from as if by milking. Basically in the context of handjobs, a “milking” handjob involves a woman having complete control over the secured man while working to extract has come through a […]

Since the last post of CFNM handjob footage I posted was a bit on the kinky side, I wanted to post some that was a little more mainstream. That’s when I discovered that the amateur handjob producers behind Whacked Off, Handjob Helpers, & Shannon’s Handjobs were offering an amazing deal of a 1 month subscription […]

I’ve been focusing a lot on bringing forth more examples of traditional CFNM to the blog this month, as you regular visitors know. But I don’t want to burn you all out, and since I recently did an amateur CFNM blowjob post here a couple days ago, I’ve brought together a post of CFNM handjobs. […]

I first off want to address the incredible interaction we’ve got going in the comments sections of this post, this post and this one. Your input, suggestions, and kudos are a major part of this site’s existence and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! So thank you everyone and let’s keep this […]

It wasn’t until I did a full review of Oceans East last week here on the blog that I fully understood the differences with similar Cfnm site called Big Apple Handjobs. You see, Big Apple concentrates fully on the different styles of handjobs without a ton of “acting” involved – just action. Along with it’s […]

I’ve wanted to do a big post on Oceans East for a long time, but never found the time to give it an in-depth look. Until today. So, after I got into the meat of Oceans East‘s exhaustive archive of around 400 CFNM hand job videos, I realized how dumb I’d been! It’s quite amazing […]

In my Cfnm internet ‘research’ travels I’d come across these German Cfnm handjob movies every once in awhile. I knew they had to derive from a single source because of obvious similarities, but for some reason could not seem to get the appropriate info on them. Well I finally have and WOW, it’s like finding […]

Hey guys, it’s me, Brandi Belle! Today I have my good friends Cheyenne and Eva with me. And we decided to revisit the upside down glory hole. With one of my personal favorite guys, Ramon! I left Ramón for my friends Cheyenne and Eva and I took care of the first guy; this was a […]