I’ve done quite a few of these fantasy “family fun” themed CFNM posts over the years, usually to a fairly decent reception. To see some of these just check here, here, here, here, here, & here – that’s just for starters, too. So for this installment of family fantasy CFNM scenes, I’ve brought out four […]

There’s plenty of Cfnm scenarios that are considered kinky, but none get as edgy on the kink factor as when the scenario has a incestuous nature. Yep, I’ve put together seven Cfnm clips which all have, in a fantasy context, a “keep it in the family” vibe. This post is much like another popular one […]

I think this is possibly the kinkiest genre of Cfnm that I’ve ever posted, only having three before this one here, here, & here. Yes, Cfnm fantasy scenarios that revolve around family and step-family members is the flavor for the day. Now these types of Cfnm scenes aren’t that uncommon actually, as Pure Cfnm, Club […]

If you’ve been a regular visitor to the Cfnm blog here, you’ve probably noticed there’s been more than a few “family-related” Cfnm fantasy scenes posted. Well, today I’m continuing on this fairly kinky and taboo theme, but branching out a bit. First up are two classic Cfnm scenes directly involving brothers and sisters from the […]

Up until only fairly recently, Pure Cfnm was the only Cfnm paysite that had the guts to provide fantasy scenarios of playfully implied indirect incest on a semi-regular basis. Well, Club Tug and See Mom Suck (both part of the same network) have moved into this fantasy niche of Cfnm. Both sites provide scenes where […]

The recent rash of new sites requiring reviews and my predilection for posting amateur and Cfnm exhibitionism have hogged up quite a bit of my blogging time recently. Although this isn’t all bad, I’ve sorely neglected keeping you abreast of what is shaking over at Pure CFNM! If you haven’t been keeping up, like me, […]