Yes, a long-anticipated update of CFNM content is (finally) here. This update is slightly similarly themed as my Thirty Four CFNM Videos Of Girls Watching Male Exhibitionists Jerk Off Via Webcam post and like many other “girls watching guys jerk ” posts I’ve made. Like those, this one is chock full of some incredibly erotic […]

Well folks, here’s a smorgasbord of CFNM and NFNM moments captured from a variety of reality and scripted mainstream TV shows. I’m featuring first four clips from two separate reality shows from Playboy TV. The first two, from 7 Lives Xposed, are “guided sex session” CFNM scenarios where Devinn Lane tells a couple (and then […]

Interesting theme for today’s batch of CFNM, wouldn’t you agree? Each of these video clips involve (at least some degree) clothed girls watching a guy and girl engaged in some form of sexual activity. So first up from Amateur Allure, a mother who’s just discovered her daughter is persuing a porn career gets to witness […]

Well, this is quite the overboard post of this genre of amateur CFNM as you’ll probably agree. I mean, not only am I showcasing the very new & CFNM-pertinent website Voyeur Bitches, I’m bringing out some Japanese and cock shock specialist jams for y’all. So, as mentioned then are two HD preview compilations of straight-up […]

Well folks, it’s been bitterly freezing cold around here lately, which has me missing warm weather in the worst way. So, I decided a little beach CFNM would be the cure to my and you all’s winter blues for a bit. These videos are 100% real, nonstaged amateurly recorded CFNM efforts that have made their […]

As I’ve been running a string of exhibitionist CFNM posts recently, and received such a great amount of positive feedback on this post, I’ve put together another post of webcam stuff. This time around, there’s two shorter clips that involve amateur women chatting online with completely naked and hard exhibitionist men, openly jacking off for […]

Amazingly enough, it’s been almost four full months when I posted this post, featuring nothing but amateur webcam CFNM movies! It’s pretty dumb that I haven’t, seeing as how popular amateur webcam CFNM movies usually are here on the blog. In the lapse of time between these two posts, things surrounding free webcam services have […]

As ridiculous as it sounds, I haven’t posted any sort of vintage CFNM content in quite awhile – as in almost a year!!. I got inspired by Darweb in the S4W Forum, who’s been posting some great CFNM scenes from porn flicks of the ’60s & the ’70s. There’s tons more out there &, as […]

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted some really good amateur webcam CFNM, which seems to be harder and harder to find good examples of. Luckily, there’s blogs like this one that are good at bringing them to you, right? These eight amateur webcam CFNM movies are plenty long and actually include some mutual masturbation […]

**CONTENT REMOVED** *This really sucks to have to do, but Jeff had a major change of heart about releasing this material. Without getting into all of his personal details, he’s told me over the phone that the exposure of this was too much for him and his current career. Although I had warned him of […]