It’s been well over a month since I’d looked at anything from Adventures In Cfnm (better known as, so I thought perhaps another post was due. I know that Adventures In Cfnm‘s high quality and often harsh treatment of naked men in their Cfnm scenarios is hard for some to take. However, there’s ALOT […]

If you remember, in my last post of the Adventures In Cfnm site, I did a double site review. Well, that’s not going to happen, as I think that Adventures In Cfnm‘s high quality harsh British take on Cfnm scenarios sets it far apart from others. I say this because Adventures In Cfnm (or better […]

I present two dinner-party Pure Cfnm scenarios, the first entitled “Dinner Party Hold-Up”. Two female armed robbers break in on two well-off couples having dinner. The women not only rob them, but they force the men to strip naked and make the women jerk off their friends’ husbands, all at gunpoint. The girls are very […]