For this 4th of July update, I bring you twenty Mainstream TV CFNM scenes (which you can finds shedloads of on Mr.’s CFNM scene archive). Some of these, obviously, are older clips but some are newer. All of these have never been posted here before, either, so it’s cool to finally start purging some […]

The CFNM scenario of life drawing is a perfect opportunity for curious clothed women to view completely exposed men, on their terms. That’s the thrill, being put on display almost like an object for hot college art majors or bored cougar housewives, as they draw away. And much like in an earlier post herethe lucky […]

There’s been kind of a lack of coverage on my blog here when it comes to the Japanese CFNM genre, so I thought I’d post a little something something to its effect. What’s amazing about Japanese CFNM is how inventive the producers of the stuff can be, making really interesting CFNM handjob & CFNM blowjob […]

I’m back from a thankfully fairly short hospital visit with a great batch of American and Japanese “senzuri” (or “masturbation watching”) Cfnm for y’all. So first up are two clips from Cfnm Watchers, featuring Kay (who is off camera), her female friend Taylor, and two separate naked masturbating men. Kay asks Taylor to watch the […]

It’s been since this post here that I’ve done a big post of amateur Cfnm that was captured casually along with some risky amateur public Cfnm. Fantasy Cfnm scenarios are great and all sometimes, but it just can’t hold a candle to what amateurs are able to come up with. First up are two Cfnm […]